The Retirement Advantage

You want to give yourself every advantage you can in retirement! It is all about your future cash flows. Get this one right and everything else seems to fall into place nicely. Get it wrong or estimate it too aggressively and retirement can become a lot more stressful.
We frequently see potential retirees just using a thumbnail sketch on their cash flows. We often hear people say, “Oh it looks like my income should be fine.” There are just too many variables for you to just wing it. Make sure that you are getting it right.

Retirement Insights

Retirement is our specialty. Without professional guidance there are  typically thousands of dollars left on the table. You might just as well be using these dollars instead of Uncle Sam or your prior employer. As just one example, according to a recent study done by JPMorgan the difference in inflation adjusted lifetime Social Security income for individuals taking benefits too early can be as much as $181,000. It takes a plan and it takes proper coordination to make sure all of your retirement pieces fit snugly together.


Early Retirement

Considering an early retirement? Are you being offered and Early Out from your employer or possibly you have already saved enough for retirement? Perhaps you are facing an early retirement from events beyond your control such as health or loss of employment. Whatever the case may be we can help. Decisions as to whether or not to take an early retirement can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Make sure that you have professional help on this one to help make sure you are seeing the whole picture. Call an OakBridge Advisor today for a free consultation.