Portfolio Strategies

Most individuals will have to rely on their investments for at least a portion of their retirement income. It is imperative that you manage your portfolio for both risk and return. If you are too aggressive, normal market cycles can wreak havoc with your portfolio. If you are too conservative you will have a much greater chance of losing purchasing power due to inflation. Let an OakBridge Advisor help you create the right portfolio balance.

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Active Managment

The Ron Popeil method of”set it and forget it” does not bode well in an investment portfolio. Too many advisors today still rely heavily on the basic “check the box” methods of navigating markets. Once the box is checked, all too often it doesn’t receive any further attention.
You need someone that is going to take an active interest in your investments, someone that is accountable to you and your goals, and someone whose long-term interests are tied to your success. If you would like an OakBridge Advisor to give you a second opinion on your portfolio at no obligation, give us a call. We would love to help.